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  1. It started with my old psu and evga one, returned it because it was faulty. Now has carried on with my new psu, a corsair rm750i I cannot remember when I swapped my motherboard but it was something I did. I went from a z170 to a n aorus ultra z390. if I shut the pc down and turn it on quickly, it won't do that.... It comes to life instantly Video.mp4
  2. Would it be a bad idea to OC my cpu? Was planning on doing that but not sure if I should based on the info I got here.
  3. I can't do that as there is covid right now... Is there any other way? I can take apart the pc if needed.
  4. I have an Aorus Z390 Ultra motherboard... I can't remember if it happened with my old mobo.... I swapped it in 2019 or 2018 cant remember.
  5. It started with an old psu... Then it was faulty so I sawpped it for my corsair psu... The sound continued to the new psu. I changed my motherboard from a z170 to a z390 mobo and and I cant remember when I changed it relative to when I got my new psu. Not sure what to do. How can I test what component it is.
  6. The thing is, if I shut the pc down and turn it on quickly, it won't do that.... It comes to life instantly
  7. It started with my old psu... An evga one.. cant remember which, carried on when I upgraded to my corsair 750i
  8. It always happens for as long as I can remember. Pc works fine though. Sound like a high pitched noise then all my RGB lights turn on. Put your volume high to hear it. Video.mp4
  9. I have a 9700k without a gpu for the time being and was wonderng where I can dedicate more ram to be vram for my IGPU in this clusterfuck of a bios thanks. It is a z390 aorus ultra. I don't know what version the bios is might be f7?
  10. I just sold my 1080 so I can save uo for the 30 series and was wondering how I make my pc use my igpu. I have a 9700k and my motherboard and monitor have hdmi is it as simple as plugging it in and it should work?
  11. I dont care about the mouse not aligning as I have gotten used to it and I did not know windows would be this fucking retarded but ya
  12. Hm interesting Idea.... Do you know anywhere I can do that?
  13. Ah but then image quality will be shit on my 1440p monitor.... I wish windows was smarter