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Automated file syncing and storage from Tablet

Hi all,


I'm trying to reduce the amount of paper used at my place of work as we still live in the dark ages and most forms that we use are done on paper and are stored for about 6 months then thrown away.


My idea is to shift most of these forms over to an electronic version on either IOS or Android based tablets and once that form is marked as complete and the device is plugged back into the server the form/folder is synced with storage server.


What I am after is if anyone has any experience with apps or simple code that can automate the syncing the data on plugging the device in?


The main barrier is that I want to keep the device from being connected to any wireless networks, hence plugging it in at the end of the day (either USB-C directly into the server or through a network cable).


I assume it is fairly straight forward however a simple Google search hasn't provided any solutions.




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