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FreeBSD Make.conf Default Version does not work



I'm trying to changes my default version of DB and of PHP to install Nextcloud with my actual build.
I'm using :

- nginx 1.22 (with php-fpm)

- php 8.2

- postgresql 15

and want to install the latest version of nextcloud.


My issue is that even if i change the make.conf and the 'make config' nextcloud still try to take his default version

I join screens of every things. Ask me if i'm not clear enough.




Versions installed:



Make showconfig:






Make default versions



nextcloud dependancies:


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not that much experience with freeBSD,

and i will assume there is a reason why your building (make) over using a bin(pkg)


but (i'll repeat not that fam wit FreeBSD) is it possible that similar tto how portage works in gentoo , the /usr/ports/lang/php74 in the dep list is actually prefixed with a '>=' so uppon building and actually pulling in packages it wil actually pull in the make script from the actual php port , and whatever version is in that make file wil be installed ...  ?


its possible that by piping to grep ,some stuff gets lost that isnt obvious as ik try to demonstrate here :


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