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Would should I be researching for this desired security camera set up?


Good afternoon everyone,

I'm investigating upgrading my security camera set up. I'd like to even know if this is even possible since most set ups either use cloud storage, local storage on the camera itself via microSD, or connected via ethernet to a PC. I'd like cameras that are wireless in terms of data transmission, but feed the video locally to a computer rather than a cloud service. I'd like to have a central PC that can interface wireless cameras that communicate over 2.4g or 5g wifi. I'm assuming I'd also need to buy software afterwards that can set up cameras, save recordings, overwrite past recordings, etc. Any information at all for what type of camera I'd be looking for would help since I'm very new to this.


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I personally have a Eufy camera setup that wirelessly transmits data to my Synology NAS that records and overwrites the footage. It's fairly easy to set up and if you're looking at IP camera software (that's the relevant phrase you'll want too Google), you'll find plenty of clients for live view as well as apps to record the video they receive from the camera.

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The only issue with wireless is if your internet goes down whether it be by service interruption or a criminal cutting the cable, so do your cameras. Where as a hard wired system keeps on going. 


Yes... a hard wired system can possibly be cut, but they should be mounted high enough to be easily out of reach.


I personally have both on my property for redundancy. The hard wired records to a 2tb DVR safely tucked away out of sight.


Also the camera's views should also overlap each other so if someone attempts to disable a camera, it's caught on another.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Blue Iris may be a good option for you to manage the cameras and recording. It only supports windows but will support just about any camera from usb to wireless. It's very well supported and there is a good facebook group and tons of youtube videos to get you going. It is a paid software, but the $70 will get you the software with support for up to 64 camera and a year of updates. After the year the program will still work you just won't get any new updates. It has different options for recording, you can do schedules, alerts, motion, or constant. There is also support for Deepstack to handle object recognition. I have been using it for 6 or 7 years now without any issues. My current setup uses 11 cameras with 3 doing constant recording with motion alerts while my others are triggered off motion. My current setup is running a windows vm on unraid with a ryzen 2600x, 16Gb ram, GTX950, and a 4tb wd purple. This gets me about 3-4 weeks worth of storage. There site has good hardware recommendations depending on the resolution of the cameras and number of cameras that you want to run. I've seen alot of people have good luck with newish i7 dell optiplex systems.


Remote access can be done a couple of ways. Local through a browser and vpn into the network, Forward the port/IP and connect through a browser (this is password protected), or through the mobile app.


If you do run Blue Iris definitely enable direct to disk recording, this saves a bunch of system resources by not having it encode the video from blue iris to another format. The downside is they will need to open in the blue iris viewer. (not a big deal though, it works well and lets you see alerts.) You can still export clips at a later time in a different format.


Hardwared with POE cameras is a more stable solution, Wifi is certainly possible though. Make sure to set the cameras to a static IP and I would set up a seperate wifi AP to handle the cameras. if you only have couple this may not be needed. Typical network usage on my setup is around 50mbps. 


Make sure to put the system or lock it up in a way that if someone were to break in they can't just take the whole PC.


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