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Record to network share via OBS

I'm trying to record footage from my Mac to an smb network share on my Windows PC (the share points to a hard drive) directly using OBS. The resulting video is extremely choppy and I suspect it has to do with the transfer rate. My PC features 2.5Gb/s LAN and I tried 1Gb/s LAN as well as WiFi 6 on my Mac. For reference, I am trying to record really high quality footage (1440p, 120 FPS, 130Mb/s bitrate). Recording on my Mac's internal storage works perfectly fine, so is there some way to automatically transfer my video files over the network when they finish, or maybe use my internal drive as cache? Or record to the network drive using some other protocol? 


One more thing I should mention is that I'm using NDI. So the layout is basically an NDI stream from my gaming PC to my Mac, the Mac does the encoding, and I want to send the footage back to my gaming PC's large hard drive. 


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