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Should I RAID my M.2?



I just bought an M.2 (500gb) that I'm going to use as a main drive for windows.
I have an SSD (500gb Sata) drive which will now be my 2nd drive (before it was the main Windows Drive), to store games that I'm never going to delete.

I have a 1TB HDD and I am going to install games that I'll probably delete in a couple of months. I will use this mainly as a Backup drive for cloud apps, like MEGA, Dropbox and ICloud. (∼ 200GB)

I now have an extra 500GB drive that I'm not going to use, since all the data will be on the first 3 drives.


MAIN QUESTION: What should I do with this last drive? The drive is kinda old and really slow, but I don't want to discontinue it (landfill).

I thought of doing an identical copy of the Windows installation, in case my M.2 or Windows die.

I don't know how RAID works, but if you think a RAID (0-1,5 etc..) seems viable, just write it in the comments and I will do it looking by myself.

- I am not going to use any kind of external OS other than Windows, so this backup/identical copy must be usable within an App or folder in Windows.


Thanks in advance.


If this topic has been already discussed in this forum, please link it.


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