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Audio Distortion/Static in certain games.




My problem is simple and complicated. When I play games about 5 minutes or so into the game the sound changes and becomes distorted/static and the sound is a little laggy.


I have a Gigabyte 15P Laptop the specs are:


OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit

Soundcard: Realtek 


CPU: Intel i7-10870H

GPU: Nvidia 3070 8gb

RAM: 32gb

NVME SSD m.2 512gb (C:) NVME SSD m.2 1TB (D:)


What I have tried so far is to uninstall the Realtek Audio device from device manager in windows and restart the computer, did not work.

Tried updating the driver via device manager and that did not work. Also tried to do a rollback of the audio drivers and that did not work either.

I have tried disabling every sound output in the sound options in windows except the laptop speakers or headphones that I use plugged into the Audio Jack.

I tried going into the properties and turn on or off audio enhancements also same thing with turning on or off exclusive mode.

I have tried to turn on or off about every audio option available inside properties regarding the laptop speakers and Audio Jack.


But I have made some discoveries that are interesting.

1. This only happens when I play video games after about 5 minutes or so. The games I have tested so far are DOOM 2016, Trackmania and Mass Effect Andromeda. Mass Effect seems to be worst where it happens after 5 minutes of gameplay that the sound becomes so distorted and static it is unplayable. In DOOM it takes a little longer for it to happen but when it does you can't play anymore same with Trackmania.


2. Sound works like normal with Headphones and laptop speakers in Starcraft 2. It is the only game so far where the sound does not become bad.


3. Sound stays normal if I use my Bluetooth speaker.


4. If I plug my headphones into the Audio Jack on the back of my 27inch monitor that I have connected to my laptop via HDMI the sound is normal but quality really suffers because for some reason the AUX input on the screen does not seem to power the headphones correctly because the sound is very flat and shallow. The difference I have noticed inside Sound options in windows is that it says the AUX on the monitor uses Nvidia High Definition Audio and the laptop uses Realtek Audio.


I have attached a screenshot of my sound options and driver information.


If you need any more info please let me know and I will provide it. I am still searching for a solution but I am leaning closer to trying reinstall windows or do a factory reset of the laptop to see if it helps.


Kind Regards,




EDIT: Uploaded the right Screenshot.




Audio jpg.JPG

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Bump. Still has not found a viable solution. Any chance someone got an idea?

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