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No Signal Detected


I have a Dell Insirion 660 that I was trying to resurrect. It had worked in the past, but now when I turn it on I get no post beeps at all and no signal detected with my monitor. I get a solid white/blue light on the power button, all the fans kick on, num lock button will turn on the keyboard, HDD will spin, CD drive will open and close, but no image.


I have tried reseating the ram, going to just one ram stick, using different vga or DVI cables, different monitors. I even tried running it with no ram sticks and it gave me the 2 beep code. Not sure what to try now. Any help appreciated.


3rd gen Intel Core i5-3330

Integrated Graphics

4 GB Ram (2 x 2GB)

Windows 8 was on it, but have tried a couple different HDD's.

WLAN half mini-card


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