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Subwoofer for my bookshelf speakers


I’m looking for a decent subwoofer to pair with my pioneer dm40bt bookshelf speakers. Not looking to spend much more than 150gbp (180usd). Any recommendations?

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Try searching on ebay for pre-owned subwoofers.

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Looking at Amazon there are many options from respectable brands in that price range.  Given that you aren't in the same part of the world as me I'm uncertain how to recommend something.  I would suggest shopping by brand, it looks like monoprice, polk audio, yamaha and jamo have offerings, I saw dayton audio as well, can't remember their reputation.  In that price range you would be looking for something that is going to do what it claims to do and won't break easily so avoid knockoffs. 


Also I googled your speakers and they have no real output, only one to power the other speaker, so I am unaware of how that would affect a subwoofer running off one channel.  I know that subwoofers are mono but I can't promise that something with speaker bindings will work with just one channel.  Also I would imagine bass tracks aren't always the same from Left to Right.  So I would do a little sleuthing to find out how this might affect you.


Oh, I just realized..... if you are using a cable to connect ignore that last bit, I was assuming you used a BT connection.  You could probably use a 3.5mm to RCA connection from your soundcard.

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In the US you're probably looking at a Dayton sub...

Dayton Audio SUB-1000


Other considerations are on here -


If you're able to - go used. Something like a PB-1000 or SB-1000 is pretty awesome.

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