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Planning on building my first home server to act as a NAS and Minecraft server

Budget (including currency): $500-600 USD

Country: Canada

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: A home server, hope to use it as a NAS and Minecraft server generally, but might use it for more down the line

Other details: Ideally something power efficient and quiet enough, willing to spend a little bit more if it means significant performance gains. Never built a home server before, and I want something reasonably future proof, and that attainable within a reasonable budget. I have some experience building PCs before however, and can work with Linux just fine. 


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i'm not including a DGPU cos im assuming that this is only gonna be a server for minecraft and will not be used for playing. Hosting a server needs really good single core performance so, the 12400. it has a stock cooler. u can assign all the e cores to nas functions and all the p cores for the server or anything else. the only viable upgrade would be to increase the no of cores by going to the 12600. its a $50 upgrade and increases the core count by 2. u can decide wether its worth it or not. 

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