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PC turn on gpu light turns on and goes off VGA debug led turn on for 30 sec or so and goes off gpu lights and fans turns on but no display

Hi there,

I moved from Japan to india . took my pc with me when i plugged into the power outlet


I was using this pc for 2 years no issues everyday for avg 5-8 hrs a day and had faced no issues 

The machine starts as usual, gpu fans are turning lights on etc. then gpu led goes off fans running.. debug VGA light turns on. The white light stays lit and goes off after sometime..then  Nothing on the screen, not even the BIOS screen... display backlight turn on but no video

 I took out the gpu and it worked fine with Integrated graphics ( Intel UHD) it worked everytime 

 when I installed gt 210 it worked. So I thought it was a gpu card problem and I sent my gpu card to a repair service and  they returned me and said "there is no problem with this gpu card, it works every time". They suggest me to look for a PSU or MOBO problem and I took my card, went home, installed it and it worked at first! Then it didn't again and again (tried about 20 times).

Took my case to a repair shop to test it with other PSU or MOBO, but it worked there! The guy started the machine over and over and it booted every time! Took it to another shop, again it worked...


It worked after I brought back to my home and played games like gta and valorant for some hours and turned it off .then when I turned back on again it wont show video out ..

But it doesn't work at my home!

Doesn't work at home, but works at repair shop.


gpu doesnt have a VGA out so I use HDMI to VGA converter ..it has no issues when plugged into Integrated graphics

Any suggestions?

intel i7 8700K
MSI b360 pro VDH
Palit Xenon Jetstream GTX 1080ti 
Acbel 700w 80 PLUS bronze PSU

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since your not bringing your monitor.. monitor failing? 


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I dont think it is a heating issues since I turn it on when its like 77F inside

I tried turning on without connecting monitor and It showed same results 
It thought it too about the monitor ..but It worked with the current monitor multiple times..

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