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PC soft locking up (software related maybe)

 Hi,  I've run into an issue over the last several days that I think is related to some Asus software that I installed.  After updating from Asus gpu tweak v2 to v3, I also installed the Asus armoury crate as well.  Soon after I installed the Asus armoury crate software, I started having issues, including my PC soft locking up.  After researching it a bit, I read that the armoury crate software installed rgb fusion which is known to cause issues.  I've uninstalled the software through CCleaner and also using the Asus uninstaller.  However, Once a day over the last 3 days I have had to restart my PC as it soft locks up for some reason.  My Corsair fans go from the white I have set them to, to the default rainbow and all applications become unresponsive/very slow to do anything.  None of these issues existed before updating to gpu tweak 3(which I don't think is the issue) and the armoury crate software.  I'm open to all solutions of things to try. I just hope a reinstall of windows 10 is needed...  Thank you.

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