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Cooler for 11400f?

My stock cooler is making my 11400f go insane and reach 90c (perhaps ever more if I let it run). So I definitely need a better cooler. 

Is the CoolerMaster MASTERAIR MA410M fitting for my CPU? 

Relevant Specs: MB - Z590M Gaming X (Gigabyte), GPU - 3060 Ti Gaming X (MSI), i5 11400f, CASE CoolerMaster H500 with a high static pressure exhaust fan at the back. 

Note: The insane temps only came after installing a 3060 Ti. I tried using a 1660 and the CPU temps were just fine. But with the 3060, I went in RDR2 on maxed out settings and while the GPU was hitting 70C, the CPU went 90C and would have gone over as I said. 


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Almost any tower cooler is sufficient for the 11400F. The MA410M should be fine, although it is expensive for what you're getting.


For that price, you could get a Scythe Fuma 2 or DeepCool AK620, which while they may lack RGB, will perform much better, so they can run at lower fan speeds and thus be quieter.


If you want addressable RGB with a single tower cooler, there's the Vetroo V5 at $35. It's a cheaper option that should perform only slightly worse than the MA410M at half the price. There's also the ID-COOLING SE-214-XT if you want something even cheaper (it's just $21 on Amazon right now).

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