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Camera not working on my main pc/ Showing as a audio device

Hi. I have a aukey pc lm1e wecam and I bought it around 3 months ago. I normally used streamlabs to fix colors or to make it look less plain. But not iv'e run into a totally different issue.

A few days ago I tried having a video call on discord with a close friend but my camera would'nt show up and the only thhing i could see was "Streamlabs virtual webcam" and my old old microsoft webcam that wasn't even plugged in or close to my computer. So i tried everything. google the issue, reinstalling the drivers, checking the usb connection etc. But nothing worked, then when i checked hidden devices I saw the name of the camera as an audio source and I tried using the mic and sure enough it works fine. I then tried to plug it into my laptop and the webcam works without issue there. 


Running win 11 insider preview

rtx 3060ti

ryzen 7 5700g

mb- B550-A PRO

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