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6900xt no video

Posted (edited)

Hello all,


I just upgraded from a RTX 2080 to a 6900xt, and it arrived today. Got it all installed and I'm not getting any video output, and I'm looking for any ideas on how to troubleshoot it. It's definitely booting into Windows, since I hear my Bluetooth speaker connect at the windows login screen. I'm running a 3700x, 32gb ddr4, Aorus X570 ITX, EVGA 850W SFX PSU, and a PCI-e 3.0 riser cable. Any help is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: I tested it and the riser in a friend's system, and it works, so something is funky about it in my system. Still looking for any ideas


EDIT: Solved. Set PCIe gen in bios from Auto to Gen3.

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