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Looking into getting MSI Summit E16 Flip Evo A11UCT-028. Alternatives? Bigger Options? Better Pen?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

This school laptop would be for lots of excel and note taking, light gaming as I have a desktop already. I already have an msi laptop and like how the keyboard feels, including the numpad shape and size. This one has a thinner numpad with a weird layout, but IDK I'll get used to it if the other stuff is up to snuff.

Specifically I want to know if the stylus works well and if the cooling is good enough to prevent throttling. Are there alternatives I don't know about that check a lot of the following boxes (HP Spectre x360 16"?). Thoughts if you own(ed) one?

Looking for a laptop that:

-has a touchscreen and stylus with palm rejection (so not a passive stylus)

-big screen (15"+, bigger is better)


Nice to haves are:

-graphics card

-good cooling so the graphics card can work

-Laptop < $2000

-Stylus attaches or inserts into laptop while not in use and charges.

This seems to check the most boxes.

Here are links to some reviews: https://www.techradar.com/reviews/msi-summit-e16-flip-2-in-1-laptop


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