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As many people from here I game but mostly I stay in a chair a lot.. and i mean A lot! Recently got a remote job as well so I have some money to spare, around 300$ for now..
Until now I've used a 10/20% chair, the kitchen type of chairs that are really bad for staying long periods of time so I am searching for a good one. I bought a 120$ one 2 days ago but is way too small in seat width, around 35 to 37.. so that's in process of returning. 
What I am looking for at the chair is :

  1. For it to be comfortable to sit 10 to 14 hours on it
  2. Seatbase width to be above 42-45 cm without the sides, have somewhat of a big bum.
  3. Can support easily a person around 90 to 95 kg
  4. Compatible with height between  165 to 175 cm

I know the best way to go is on a supply store and check them but I don't have them so close to me meaning I have to go a bit in a blind and order online. The best for this fitting I found so far might be from Andaseat, Phandom 3, but I am curious of any other possibilities.
It's not necessary to be an gaming chair , yet as we all do, those looks nice 😀

Edit: Forgot to mention, My home is in Europe South-East. There may be chairs there are only on US.. Idk...

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go to ikea and buy the cheapest chair that has the height you want and you can sit in easily, ikea will have a display sample so you can see which one fits your butt better

Imagine everything i have written in a Linus Voice/ linus tone (Spock live long and prosper gif here ,idk why tho, i guess i just want to say that i like star trek and am waiting for new seasons of the ongoing shows), But seriously, a lot of what i type only makes sense when said in a Linus tone from an older ltt video (circa 2017-2019) basically before he got a beard and a lot of it should make sense even in a Linus with a beard face.

also note as per the latest typing test on my laptop, my accuracy is 69%

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