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hp 8300 dies the second it gets power from the psu


Go to solution Solved by bupcraft,

issue resolved one of the psus are just bad

so my friend said his pc stopped working and I narrowed the issue down to the mobo being bad or something

but whenever I plug in the psu the front panel turns green for about 6 seconds then beeps and flashes red
after taking out the motherboard and pulling out all of the cables the same thing still happened
plug in 6pin
immediately turns green
proceeds to flash red and beep without pressing the power button
(i have also tried this with another hp psu)

the only thing like this on youtube was this guy testing resistance or somthing and desoldering a chip with no context
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gItan2UhGow

I was wondering if anyone here has a clue what hes doing and how to do it
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