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Scratched motherboard near RAM slot

Hi everyone,

I was intended to upgrade the ram of this laptop by putting a second stick in this unused slot.

But, as you can see in these images, some words on the motherboard are faded (MADE, LA and where there's written dimm b ddr3l etc.), like they were scratched or something else.

My question is: is there any chance that putting a stick in this slot will damage anything? Note that the laptop actually works fine and it has been refurbished so I don't know what had happened before I had it.

Thanks in advance.


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Not an issue at all.  None of the contacts are messed up below it.



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The copper traces (wires) are covered with a layer and then the text is printed over that insulation layer. 

The letters themselves being a bit imperfect is not a big deal, it's just paint being broken/erased/damaged ... as long as the cuts weren't deep enough to cut traces under the text paint and insulation you're fine.


Zooming your picture, I see there's actually no traces under that A in "MADE" (it's one copper fill, probably ground layer) or under the broken part of "A"  in "LA"


Even if traces were cut, it's very very small chance you'd damage something... you'd probably see either the ram is not detected, or you'd get a lot of memory errors when testing the memory with a tool like memtest.

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