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Standbylist and free memory?

i just downloaded intelligent standbylist cleanerand noticed the free memory was about 300mb even though i have 32gb of memory and i had rust open so that give me a total of about 17-18gb memory used this is with the OS included. i cleaned the standby list in hope of possibly making my rust experience better (no frame drops, they dont happen alot but they happen still so....) which is a pretty unoptimized game. if that helps im using an rtx 3080 r7 5800x 32gb ram 3200mhz cl16 and the game is on an m.2 ssd

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If the game is poorly optimaized, there's not a lot you can do except for play around with some game settings, like disable post processing and such.


I use QuickCPU memory tab for clearing idle memory.

Back in the day used FreeRamXPpro on XP systems.

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Save the old OC forums just by reading old school tec


They have the best F@H stats too. 




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