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Windows 10, All media sounds became suddenly muffled and low quality.

Yesterday out of nowhere in the middle of watching Youtube I noticed that the sound that was playing became very quiet and seemingly muffled in a way, that only high frequencies are being heard. 
I thought Browser gave up and restarted it to notice that now, every sound on my system was delivering the same issue. Games, Spotify, VLC - Anything that was playing audio sounded very bad.
I thought that my headphones just reached it's end ( Steelseries Arctis 5) yet they were working fine on my laptop. 

I tried reinstalling the Drivers
I reinstalled Realtek sound drivers
I updated Nvidia drivers
I uninstalled all Steelseries devices in Device manager

Tried other ports on my motherboard

People suggested me to disable audio enhancement yet there is no option like it in my Headphones properties. 

I am slowly starting to give up as I require good sound to work and OS reinstall is currently all I see as a possible fix. 

Interesting note  - The sound went bad in the start only on one chrome tab. Other videos that were already opened sounded fine, UNTIL I reached the point where I was watching the part that wasn't buffered before hand. 

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3 minutes ago, Spakes said:

Try turning off sound deadening during calls. Worth a shot.

Sadly it did nothing. 

It is weird like something randomly triggered and sound went bad. 

Strange thing is, when I open up properties of my headphones, the best quality that I can select is DVD but I am quite sure I saw Studio or something similar there long time ago. 

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