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  1. Sadly it did nothing. It is weird like something randomly triggered and sound went bad. Strange thing is, when I open up properties of my headphones, the best quality that I can select is DVD but I am quite sure I saw Studio or something similar there long time ago.
  2. Hello, Yesterday out of nowhere in the middle of watching Youtube I noticed that the sound that was playing became very quiet and seemingly muffled in a way, that only high frequencies are being heard. I thought Browser gave up and restarted it to notice that now, every sound on my system was delivering the same issue. Games, Spotify, VLC - Anything that was playing audio sounded very bad. I thought that my headphones just reached it's end ( Steelseries Arctis 5) yet they were working fine on my laptop. I tried reinstalling the Drivers I reinstalled Realtek sound drivers I up
  3. Okay. I just checked local shops found a WD 240GB M.2 with what appears to be PCIe for sale, and priced just as the same m.2 sata ones. https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Kovakettad-HDD-SSD-M2-SSD/WD-Blue-SN550-250GB-2400-950-M2-NVME-8745-500336 Sorry for it being in foreign language but I hope you can make out what it means. Would this be a good choice? Alternative Sata that I was thinking about is this> https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Kovakettad-HDD-SSD-M2-SSD/Kingston-SSD-A400-240GB-M2-SATA-2280-500-350-MB-s-413037
  4. Hello. I am on a simple quest to upgrade by RAM from 8 to 16BG and though I have ~30-40$ left over. Currently I have 128GB SSD for my windows and 1TB HDD for pretty much anything. Since I have some cash to spare, I though of getting an extra 120/240GB SSD to my system for some specific games that load too much (Battlefield 1, GTA V, Post Scriptum and etc.) Sadly I am a complete dummy when it comes to SSD connections. As I heard there are some M2 SSDs that support nvme and the ones that don't (most likely the cheap ones I am looking at) So my questions are: -Does my motherbo
  5. Yep, in that case I shall stick to Pro4-f. Thank you all for the help
  6. Cheapest one starts from 80 Euros, which I could make fit the budget. Yet not sure how good it is. https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/0/ASRock-B550M-HDV-AM4-2DDR4-HDMI-DVI-D-SUB-M2-mATX-530671 Edit: While I am interested in ability to upgrade maybe in future to Zen 3 but The B550 that I could afford does in my opinion lack some Mobo features from Pro4-f
  7. Pretty much all boards you named are ~70 Euros locally. 3100 is 105Eur
  8. So recently I decided to upgrade my current I5-4590 to something never and due to some money limitations I chose Ryzen 3100. And that requires me to change out my motherboard as well as my RAM. Since I heard that B450 chipset supports Zen 2 series CPUs I decided to go with them because they are quite cheap. Can someone recommend any good motherboards
  9. So not a long time ago I bough myself a laptop for everyday use/some adobe app quick work. Laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 (5593). It has 2 graphics cards on board. Integrated Intel HD and Dedicated Geforce MX230. The issue is that I cannot find any way to completely switch my system to run on a dedicated GPU. For some reason system constantly battles by switching GPUs in the middle of games and causing utterly annoying stuttering in the process. After monitoring MSI Afterburner for a while I noticed that both graphics always do the work and you can clearly see when they suddenly