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Bell HomeHub 4000 WiFi extending

I've got the HH4000 but because of where it sits in my den, it has trouble sending an adequate signal down the hall to where the dining room and kitchen are because it's a bit of an elbow out of the room and down the hall that I think ruins its ability to get to the other side of the apartment.

But luckily there is a power outlet right in the middle of the hall so is there a good extender for this kind of situation that is favoured by the community or is any one brand just as good as anything else? We're talking about a 9-13m distance total from the modem to the dining room/kitchen and the outlet is about halfway down that hall.


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Personally I haven't had a good experience with extenders, however if you are going to get one, make sure it is branded e.g. TP-link. The cheaper non branded ones don't do much, and are not as effective. 

Please tag me @RTX 3090 so I can see your reply

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