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  1. I've got the HH4000 but because of where it sits in my den, it has trouble sending an adequate signal down the hall to where the dining room and kitchen are because it's a bit of an elbow out of the room and down the hall that I think ruins its ability to get to the other side of the apartment. But luckily there is a power outlet right in the middle of the hall so is there a good extender for this kind of situation that is favoured by the community or is any one brand just as good as anything else? We're talking about a 9-13m distance total from the modem to the dining room/kitchen and th
  2. Ok, and the pfsense thing then? That's some device I'd have to buy?
  3. Ok, but so there's nothing I can do to get the 1.5gbps then. So what benefit is there with 1.0 to not using Bell gear? (other than the bragging rights, fun as they are, of saying you circumvented Bell gear) And when you say pfsense, what device are you referring to? What does it cost?
  4. 100%. It's Fibe 3000. I just made the bonehead move of upgrading to 1.5gbps without realising the ports on the 3000 are all 1.0. The technician who came to check on the upgrade because it wasn't activating told me he can suggest that a customer get the 4000 when he was done with my tech visit. He says he'll be getting back to me on that. I'm not holding my breath. If nothing else, I can always wait until they hand out the 4000 to everyone. Even now I'm definitely receiving the 1.5-up, 1-down but the modem just doesn't take full advantage of it. I should still get 1.0 up at least. So on th
  5. Well, the increase in upload speed is a bit of a difference. There is a possibility I get their newer 10G modem soon. So there's no way to sort of, extract, the 1.5 from the signal through their modem and feed it into my own router?
  6. It's onw by my ISP. It's called the Home Hub 3000 for Bell in Canada, No idea who makes it.
  7. This is my problem. The modem/router they provide doesn't actually have 1.5gbps ports. Only 1.0. So I can't draw the 1.5 for my downloading needs. So now I'm thinking of getting my own router which is what I used to do years ago anyway. Is it possible to get a router/modem that will give me an output port of more than 1.0?
  8. Typo. I'm going to go from the ISP at 1.5gbps actually to my computer. Ï have another problem which is that I currently use a switch to share the signal from the modem to my desktop and to a few other devices for occasional use. But it's a 10/100/1000 switch. So I guess I now need something that can switch at least one port to 1.5gbps right? So that I can get the proper speed to the computer without bottlenecking it to 1.0
  9. I need to get a new card for faster speeds I'm going to be getting and for future proofing. For the time being I'll be getting 2gbps but I'd like to not have to buy another card for as long as I can avoid it. What do I need to look at? I don't have much experience with buying network cards. I definitely don't need it to have WiFi, Bluetooth would be cool if that's possible. But there are surely specs that matter to ensure the card is good for my purposes. It's basic internet use with Cat7 cables that we have, but if it makes a difference, we do a lot of sending and receiving of uncom
  10. I have a GeForce GTX 1660 Super that I output via DisplayPort to my monitor and also HDMI to a port that connects various HDMI devices to my TV. Frequently when I boot, the GPU seems to get confused what to do and ultimately displays nothing neither to the TV nor to the monitor. I can get it working fine again by disconnecting the HDMI cable going to the TV and doing a physical reset on the desktop but it's time consuming and don't like resetting my computer like that, especially when I can't see what the computer is actively trying to do. The HDMI port I mentioned has 3 inputs and one ou
  11. I keep lots of documents on OneDrive for access from different devices for editing. I just tried putting an excel file there, tried opening it up with Excel on my Android phone via OneDrive and the version on the PC had trouble opening after. It's like neither one was able to sync changes. Any thoughts why this happens? Thanks!
  12. Actually, I think the whole uniqueness of the Port is precisely that it can be connected to speakers but also sends out a WiFi signal to any other Sonos speakers in the home. I can't find any other devices that do that while allowing the input of a receiver, CD player, or other audio devices that aren't wireless. So I'm hoping the audio is good quality and that the reviewers I'm reading are just extraordinarily picky.
  13. So here's the problem I'm having understanding this. It seems these types of systems want to force you to use their speakers at the main hub as well. Can't I just connect my old receiver and its various audio devices to a non speaker hub that then sends the audio via Wifi to wireless speakers via our network over in the dining area? I don't need any more speakers in our living room, it would be completely pointless. I thought the Audiopro Link One was such a hub but it turns out it's for sending a wireless music signal to your receiver only, not a hub that sends a signal OUT to wireless speake
  14. Right. Ok. I keep getting recommended Sonos because of how wonderful their streaming service compatibility is despite the fact that I tell people I'm ONLY interested in physical media going to WiFi speakers. I guess it's just the brand people know so it's the brand people plug. Plus, I've also heard it's not even the best speaker quality and that things like the Audio Pro, Bose, and Bluesound are far better. Thanks for the input.
  15. This is a physical media question. I'm not looking for streaming service suggestions, we don't use them at all. We're moving into a new place soon and my wife and I have noticed that because of the layout, our stereo where we listen to mostly CDs, records, and a large collection of music on harddrives will be down a long hall from the kitchen/dining area where we're likely to spend enough time to want to be able to hear that music there as well. Without wanting to run speaker wire down this long hall because that would be ridiculous, we've learned about the Sonos Port which would l
  16. I've got a fresh install of the latest Kodi on LibreElec on my Rpi4. I go to add a SMB share and none of them on my Windows computer appear. With all other devices, they're just there. So, what do I do to connect with them? My Rpi4 is connected to my home network via ethernet. I took the SMB share address from my Rpi2 that it sees on my desktop and tried to enter it into the SMB location for my Rpi4 seeing as the IP method wasn't working. I keep getting operation not completed with an "unable to connect" error telling me it couldn't retrieve directory information possibly because of the n
  17. Ok.. ashamed to say I've never had to do this. Is it like a printer? Do I delete it from device manager? The problem is my motherboard has no integrated graphics.
  18. Firefox, Outlook, I haven't noticed it in other things. I know it doesn't show up in games.
  19. What is this business that's appearing on my screen? I get it one day then I don't see it again for weeks, sometimes months. Any help on this? I have a whole new system, GPU, and monitor that behave perfectly fine in every other way.
  20. I'm looking at this Seagate and this WD. Thanks for everyone's help.
  21. Well, I can confirm that this one doesn't have a soldered bridge. I've seen people take it apart. I just wanted to know if WD vs Seagate mattered in these models. I thought Seagate was always more reliable but then I have to admit the transfer specs were more important to me.
  22. I use internals by connecting them to the computer, backing up what I need to and then storing the backup hdds again. I keep 3 though, not 2. Those are all already in place. They get updated every few months. In this particular case, I like the idea that 8TB is so big that I can choose to use it to expand my current storage but I'm wondering if being external that'll just be a pain because that will dictate its use. You're not gonna go turn on a drive every time you wanna go find something. External is probably best for infrequent use.