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  1. Ok.. ashamed to say I've never had to do this. Is it like a printer? Do I delete it from device manager? The problem is my motherboard has no integrated graphics.
  2. Firefox, Outlook, I haven't noticed it in other things. I know it doesn't show up in games.
  3. What is this business that's appearing on my screen? I get it one day then I don't see it again for weeks, sometimes months. Any help on this? I have a whole new system, GPU, and monitor that behave perfectly fine in every other way.
  4. I'm looking at this Seagate and this WD. Thanks for everyone's help.
  5. Well, I can confirm that this one doesn't have a soldered bridge. I've seen people take it apart. I just wanted to know if WD vs Seagate mattered in these models. I thought Seagate was always more reliable but then I have to admit the transfer specs were more important to me.
  6. I use internals by connecting them to the computer, backing up what I need to and then storing the backup hdds again. I keep 3 though, not 2. Those are all already in place. They get updated every few months. In this particular case, I like the idea that 8TB is so big that I can choose to use it to expand my current storage but I'm wondering if being external that'll just be a pain because that will dictate its use. You're not gonna go turn on a drive every time you wanna go find something. External is probably best for infrequent use.
  7. Wow... lots of assumptions about my knowledge of backing up vs archiving and presumed knowledge of how I use internals. Thank you nevertheless for the input on the question I actually asked about.
  8. Yeah, I just thought... the option to make it internal now or in the future, the great price for the size, they're both 5400 anyway... sounds like a great idea. That's why I wanted to ask if anyone knew of anything that made one particularly overly superior to the other.
  9. And that will matter more than even rpm?
  10. And SMR is a problem why? Sorry, don't know about this spec.
  11. I'm looking at two really great deals, and one is for a straight up 4TB Seagate Barracuda. But the other is for something I've never owned, an external 8TB WD Elements. My question is how will the external compare to the internal in terms of transfer speeds? This will only be used to backup media, not likely to be used for actually accessing for playback. So, several gigabytes at a time of transfers. Just wondering if I'm not better off going for something that connects SATA internally. Any thoughts?
  12. I'm now reading that the msi has far better cooling. I think I'll stick with it. I suppose I also have the ability to get this.
  13. Yeah, they're about the same, except for pixel rate. The ASUS appears to extend out beyond two slots. But you're right and thanks for bringing it to my attention. So what's with that Zotac brand? Not worth going that cheap?