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Optimus Laptop High CPU usage and Low GPU usage

Hello, I have an optimus laptop and I had a problem where it maxes out CPU usage and only barely uses the gpu to reach a target of an approximate of 60fps which doesn't sound too bad in theory but in reality I get an extremely inconsistent 40-55 fps even in super light games (TF2 for example, where I get 100% cpu usage and 10%~ gpu usage) the worst part is it drops to unplayable numbers after any kind of movement in game. Switching to dual channel ram from single channel actually fixed the problem a few years ago, until now... I went from 2x4gb at 2400mhz to 2x8gb 3200mhz reduced to 2400 since that's the max my laptop supports. Any ideas as to why changing the ram and still being in dual channel (as shown by CPU-Z) brought the problem back?
(By the way I've tried setting games to only use the dedicated GPU, there wasn't a difference.)

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