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MSI laptop reoccurring dead pixels

Hi everyone, 


So this is a weird one. I have an MSI GP75 Leopard 9SD-428CA laptop.


While it was still under warranty, a cluster of dead pixels formed just off center of the middle of the screen. It was under warranty, so I sent the laptop for repair and MSI replaced the screen.


After getting it back there was no issue for about 6 months and then the cluster of dead pixels reformed in the exact same spot.


By then my warranty had ended as well as the 3 month warranty for the repair itself.


I just ordered a replacement screen which I intend to replace myself, my question is - does anyone have any ideas of what I should look for when doing the replacement that might have caused this?


Anyone hear of something like this happening?


Thanks for your help.

Adam JP

GP75 Leopard 9SD

i7 9750H

GTX 1660 Ti


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