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First venture in to Water Cooling

I am looking at getting into water cooling. i currently have like 9 total fans on my rig and as it is nice to have all that RGB its also super annoying to clean each fan and so on. i also am noticing that my stalk AMD Prism cooler is crazy annoying when i overclock my CPU it sounds like a fighter jet taking off so like that needs to go. any advice for a water cooling n00b would be much appreciated. 


Current Specs: 

AMD Ryzen 2700 

Stalk AMD Prism cooler

MSI B450 Tomahawk 

32 gig ram at 3200 

1080 Strix GPU 

1000 wat 80+ gold EVGA power supply 

case is a Kieder 7 fan (Link bellow) but i also have an older model corsair case that is pretty massive. 


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