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Custom PC Case manufacturer recommendations.



I would like to make my first custom PC enclosure. I prepared sketches with very basic 3D web app I found. (Details below)And I need to find a custom PC manufacturer. I am in the UK but  the manufacturer which has worldwide shipping also fine.

Any information appreciated.


Thank you,



Budget (including currency): n/a

Country: U.K.

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Games, Premiere Pro, HTPC style Game machine

Other details: 

It is simply ATX MB version layout of the case "SSUP Meslicious" and added a middle layer.(please find the links below): 

Both top and bottom has opening panels. There is a Dual top panel doors which sits on e.g swivel hinges and has magnets or thumb screws for hold. The panel on the top-back (which is on top of the CPU) is Mesh or Grid and the panel on the top-front is glass. Like on this one:

There is metal legs on bottom. The bottom panel is removable and complete metal mesh design for cooling support for GPU.

There is one small hitch with this 3 layer design which think I can live with is; In order to reach the HDD/SSD's compartment, the case must be flipped to the side and the bottom cover must be opened. Then GPU must be removed and the metal partition separator bracket behind the GPU unscrewed and removed from it's placement. Maybe the metal bracket separating the GPU compartment is hinged and opened like a door instead of holding it with screws?

From the front side of view, again mesh panel in front of the fans and there is cutout in the middle for 7" touchscreen and it's controls which  will be attach on top of 5.25 drive, between 2 front fans.(7" touchscreen front panel pictures from my ex Zalman HD160XT case are attached). The aluminum/metal section on the bottom part covers GPU compartment (as Lian-li O11) and it has USB port, power and remote receiver cutouts on the left and the volume button (comes from my ex case again) on the right.

Just one think extra. It will be nice if can be applicable. The USB cutouts normally looking through front but it is somehow dangerous and USB sticks can easily breaks if somebody hit. Because 2 of the USB of keyboard and remote control dongles needs line of sight, they should plugged in always. 

I am thinking of the aluminum/metal section on the bottom part (which covers GPU compartment) has protruding bumped portion with a nice "V" curve design on the down-right portion in front of the PC. (attached picture named "PC Case drawing"). Place the power button and remote receiver cutout on top of each other in this protruding section. Positioning the audio outputs cutouts and USB 3.1 cutouts next to it. And placing the USB 3.0 ports positioning point up direction (rather than face forward). So, USB sticks can be plugged from above. Can it be done without increasing the cost too much?

In the template I overlap a 280mm radiator for liquid cooling with CPU air cooler. I am not integrate liquid cooling solution sometime soon but I would like the case has support it and the placement is ready for this, in case it will needed. Also 3x120mm radiator placement next to GPU on bottom compartment.

The main idea here is to make it as small as possible with a top tier cooling performance. It is a Multimedia HTPC  machine for high level gaming and media creating. 

The hardware or the radiator support in the template I have prepared with the web application, or in my descriptions may not fit or inappropriate. I need for your opinion and expertise for the actual product and dimensions can be debatable and reducible. If so, please let me know. 

CPU Clearance for 170mm, 2x 3.5" HDD drives, 5.25" BDR drive and ATX PSU support are must have features. 

To give you an idea, I attached couple of pictures of the volume button and 7" touchscreen I will use. Probably the dimensions also needed later on and please let me know about the ideas and how we proceed.


PC Case drawing.jpg

PC01.x3d PC01.zip Pictures.zip Screenshots.zip

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