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I was initially deciding on pulling the trigger on the Asus ROG Strix G17 but it seems like that isn't coming back in stock anytime soon and I need a new laptop before July, going with AMD 5000 series, hopefully 5900HX, and RTX 3000 series, ideally 3070, and my current options are Alienware M15 R5 Ryzen Edition, HP Omen 15z and ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15. If anyone knows of a particular reason why I should go with one of the aforementioned four laptops over the others or why I should remove one of them from consideration then that would be of great help.

I am looking for a 1440p high refresh rate screen, for the games I would be playing use Genshin Impact, Dark Souls 3 and GTA V at high settings as a baseline and I will be using the laptop for 3D rendering (Blender for the most part) so I also wanted to know if the jump from 5800H/3060 to 5900HX/3070 will be worth it for the price.

Lastly, my current laptop is a 17-inch one, Lenovo Legion Y70-70 if anyone wants to know, and I do feel acclimatized to the larger screen size and frequently use the numpad to input data and do calculations which is going to be a big part of my college and in coding so would it be worth switching to a 15-inch laptop and acclimatizing to that and say using an external keyboard when I need to use the numpad or should I wait for the Strix G17 to come back in stock or for Alienware to release the Ryzen edition of the M17?

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