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Help setting up wake on LAN

Hi all,


I have been trying to get my head around this with online articles etc and would appreciate some help. I am trying to setup wake on LAN for my home PC. The reason for this is so I can use Parsec, and utilise my powerful PC at home for gaming/heavier workloads whilst I am anywhere with a decent internet connection. Current setup is:


Linksys Velop router -> Huawei AX3 router -> PC.


I have setup wake on lan in the bios, and in windows. I have setup port forwarding on the Linksys router, but am getting lost with how to tie this up to the 2nd router and which IP's need to go where.


I think it is: external IP for the Linksys velop and choose a port. Then setup a rule for that Velop router to forward from that IP/port to the internal IP of the Huawei router and select another port? Then on the Huawei router, I can select the specific internal IP for the PC and choose a port?


Then I am using WOL or Teamviewer to try and wake it.


Any corrections/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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