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Looking for a friendly 5900x user willing to test Modded Java Minecraft

Hello Friends,

My friend has a better CPU in both number of cores and single core performance but a worse gpu. He runs MC at around 60FPS.


I can't even get close to that, my game stutters and I see readings like "12FPS" often


My current theory is that his good experience is due to the single core performance disparities.

But it's always nice to be sure, it could also be because he has more cores than me.


If someone with 12 cores would be nice enough to load up my save of the game as a torture test (fresh worlds are easy to run) that would be greatly appreciated


Nitty Gritty Details:

  • I have a GTX 780 and a 4790k
  • My friend a GTX 760 and a 5600x, he's waiting on a RTX 3080 like the rest of us XD
  • Some of the most popular MC modpacks (AFAIK) run on Minecraft 1.12.2, a very old java edition
    • RLCraft + Optifine + Sildurs Vibrant Shaders Lite is what I'm specifically looking at
  • This version of MC is so old and unoptimised that even with "FPS optimisation mods" it still runs like trash and won't even max your CPU or GPU usage regardless
  • Opening a new world is actually playable on my system but my current world stutters like mad (link: https://mega.nz/file/109FHIzR#mWyXIFir5WuFvSfNXf311EsIC95tDpFf0JtEnfOnYeM)
    • Coordinates of my laggy base: 3915 66 723
  • People generally never benchmark this stuff, the closest you'll get is a forum post or two that tells you single core performance is important without any numbers or cpu/gpu comparisons




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