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cs server plugin issues


so i have this problem i've bought a server hosting service for 1 month a cs1.6 server and i want to install plugins on it when i play against bots on a private server they work but on the hosted server not really :this is what it looks like:


( 26) Load fails: Module/Library "cstrike" required for plugin.  Check modules.ini.
( 25) Load fails: Module/Library Class "xstats" required for plugin.  Check modules.ini.
( 23) Load fails: Module/Library "cstrike" required for plugin.  Check modules.ini.
( 21) Load fails: Module/Library Class "xstats" required for plugin.  Check modules.ini.
 [ 26] unknown                 unknown     unknown           amx_super-serio  bad load 
 [ 25] unknown                 unknown     unknown           amx_super-other  bad load 
 [ 24] AMX_Super Menu          5.0.0       YamiKaitou        amx_super-menu.  running  
 [ 23] unknown                 unknown     unknown           amx_super-fun.a  bad load 
 [ 22] AMX Super Cmd Manager   1.0.0       SuperCentral Scr  amx_super-cmdma  running  
 [ 21] unknown                 unknown     unknown           statsx.amxx      bad load 
 [ 20] Stats Configuration     1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     statscfg.amxx    running  
 [ 19] Pause Plugins           1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     pausecfg.amxx    running  
 [ 18] TimeLeft                1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     timeleft.amxx    running  
 [ 17] Nextmap Chooser         1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     mapchooser.amxx  running  
 [ 16] NextMap                 1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     nextmap.amxx     running  
 [ 15] Admin Votes             1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminvote.amxx   running  
 [ 14] Info. Messages          1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     imessage.amxx    running  
 [ 13] Scrolling Message       1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     scrollmsg.amxx   running  
 [ 12] Anti Flood              1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     antiflood.amxx   running  
 [ 11] Admin Chat              1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminchat.amxx   running  
 [ 10] Plugin Menu             1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     pluginmenu.amxx  running  
 [  9] Maps Menu               1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     mapsmenu.amxx    running  
 [  8] Players Menu            1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     plmenu.amxx      running  
 [  7] Commands Menu           1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     cmdmenu.amxx     running  
 [  6] Menus Front-End         1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     menufront.amxx   running  
 [  5] Multi-Lingual System    1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     multilingual.am  running  
 [  4] Slots Reservation       1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminslots.amxx  running  
 [  3] Admin Help              1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminhelp.amxx   running  
 [  2] Admin Commands          1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     admincmd.amxx    running  
 [  1] Admin Base              1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     admin.amxx       running  
       name                    version     author            file             status   
Currently loaded plugins:
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