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Hey guys,

I have 

msi gtx1050ti aero itx (overclocked myself)

ryzen 5 1600 3.7 (overclocked myself)

corsair vengance lpx 8x1 2400mhz overlclocked to 2733mhz (red)

with 500w 80+ psu


in valorant i get %35 cpu and gpu usage and i get 100 200 fps in game (somemies i get drop while in practice shooting bots from their heads)

i overclocked literally everything on my setup even my monitor overcload 1080p60 to 1080p73 

i dont get why cant i get more fps like in cs go 


btw im using every settting low and 2xmsaa with 1280x1024p75


in screenshot u see 6600mb usage for ram cause chrome open backgound but when im gaming its like between 4 and 6


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