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NVME m.2 can't post when in first slot?

I just got a 10900kf and a aorus z490 elite AC and whenever I put an SSD in the first port the computer will spin fans and light up but I get no signal nothing at all no noise from the speaker or the you got a problem lights on the board however when I move the SSD too the bottom port it works just fine I'm really not sure what's up and am out of ideas 

https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B087GFYBCW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_NWBvr7WAtAPSB that is the mother board I have 


Nzxt m22 

16gb 3200mhz


256gb WD black NVME m.2 

650w gold modular PSU

  swapped the PSU before I figured out it was the m.2 with a 700w bronze however the 650w have the 12 pin for the cpu but the 700w doesn't. Ive tested the ram/slots the cooling PSU and all the connections and the GPU the only thing that causes the no post is putting the m.2 in the first shielded m.2 port I would greatly appreciate some help as I'm out of ideas and am waiting to hear back from gigabyte thanks in advance

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