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  1. I just got a 10900kf and a aorus z490 elite AC and whenever I put an SSD in the first port the computer will spin fans and light up but I get no signal nothing at all no noise from the speaker or the you got a problem lights on the board however when I move the SSD too the bottom port it works just fine I'm really not sure what's up and am out of ideas https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B087GFYBCW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_NWBvr7WAtAPSB that is the mother board I have 10900kf Nzxt m22 16gb 3200mhz 5700xt 256gb WD black NVME m.2 650w gold modular PSU swapped the P
  2. card appears to be faulty my 570 works fine ill try to rma it but dont have a receipt
  3. i sent them my dxddiag and they recommended to try the card in another computer or another card in this computer i loved my rx 580 i got it for 100 cad and it worked good for like 2 years
  4. fugh amd just sent me an email saying my card is probably broke:( gonna try to do the drivers one last time after ddu then gonna try my other card thank you guys for the advice
  5. i have an rx570 4gb that i could try. would this kinda problem indicate a hardware failure im really hoping to not have to replace my gpu
  6. i appreciate the response btw
  7. thats what im afraid of ill try ddu and do a fresh install and see what happens but kinda feel like im beating my head into a wall this is like the 5th time doing the drivers and soon to be the third windows all fresh from the websites also should note that when it goes black all the fans turn to 100% speed
  8. hey ive been keeping a close eye on thermals and it doesn't get over 60 for either the gpu or cpu and i used the amd cleanup tool before every fresh install does that work or should i use the ddu program
  9. hi i dont usually post stuff but ive come across a problem that i can not figure out every time i try to play high end games my computer crashes at first i thought it was a cooling issue but i replaced the CPU cooler and cleaned the pc and put more aggressive fan curves and my pc doesnt hit over 60 so i dont think its cooling event viewer and how crashed point to the drivers for my rx580 8Gb however ive done multiple clean installs of the radeon software and the problem keeps up. ive done a fresh copy of windows two times. im not sure what to do please help. the computer does fine with browsin