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Best New TV Purchase - Dolby Vision vs HDR10, Peek Brightness...

I am currently looking to upgrade my current TV but I have too many points I am looking at and cant come to any conclusion on my own.


First, I am placing it in a very bright room with lots of natural light. My current TV gets a lot of glare and I have to close the currants during the day if I am watching or playing anything with dark scenes. So my new TV needs to be able to work well and look good in bright light so it cuts out the glare. After that I mostly just want the something that will offer the best picture quality. I mainly use it for streaming content so that is the main focus. When looking at different TVs and what they support, from what I have seen Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio often are at the top for best picture and audio content. But there is not as much Dolby supported content out there compared to HDR content. So should I bother sticking with a TV that has Dolby Vision like LG or would it make more sense to look at others as well that use HDR10 like Samsung?


Good built in Audio is also important, but if the TV is cheap enough and the speakers are not the best I would get a sound bar to compensate for any audio shortcomings if i needed to.


Also, things like LGs Vision IQ that auto adjusts to the lighting in the room sound like it should be helpful, since a bright TV during the day is good, but watching at night it could dim down and still offer the best picture quality for the situation sounds good. But it also sounds like a gimmick that wont work well in practice so another thing that  I could just forget...unless it does work. 


Im only looking for about a 46"-55" TV for the space i am putting it on my wall. And would like to spend the least possible but $1000 US is what I am willing to spend, but flexible if something really is the best option and will meet all my needs.


Any suggestions?

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HDTVTest has lots of really high quality reviews. he tests pretty much everything you need to know. 

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