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1200 Watt COOLMAX Power Supply Any Good and Reliable?

Hello everyone. I just built my new gaming rig. I have a 1200W Coolmax 80+ gold PSU that I have had since 2013 because I used to mine cryptocurrencies. Anyways, I am wondering if this PSU is reliable and wont fry my gaming system. I have read so many reviews that say that they have had this power supply die in a few days or months, and sometimes even catch on fire, run very hot, and even fry their whole system. Obviously this PSU is not covered by any warranty any longer, so if it dies, I can't RMA it. I really don't want to lose my 2k worth of computer hardware, so I was wondering if I should use something else, or am I overreacting? Here are the specs of my system:


Intel Core I5-8600k

2x GTX 1080 ti Strix SLI


2tb Hitachi HDD

120gb SSD

16gb G-Skill Trident-Z RGB

ENERMAX Liquimax 360 ARGB

ASUS z390-f Strix

ASUS ROG Strix Helios Case



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