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Video suggestion sub


We already have one of these:




PFP by @Arika S' AI


I play Minecraft on the r/Jailbreak server and own both Coral Plateau and New Kong City. I make note block music, currently working on Nightmare King Grimm.


PSA: Don't lie


I own a lot of iDevices.

iPad1,1 = iPad 1 (WiFi) = 64GB, iPhone OS 3.2.2

iPad2,5 = iPad mini 1 (Silver) = 6GB, iOS 8.4.1 + 10GB, 6.1.3

iPad4,5 = iPad mini 2 (Cellular) (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 12.5.5 (unlocked)

iPhone3,3 = iPhone 4 (CDMA) (Black) = 16GB, iOS 4.2.6 (locked to Verizon)

iPhone4,1 = iPhone 4S (Black) = 16GB, iOS 9.2.1 (unlocked)

iPhone5,3 = iPhone 5C (GSM) (Blue) = 32GB, iOS 10.4 (unlocked)

iPhone6,1 = iPhone 5S (GSM) (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 7.1.2 (unlocked)

iPhone6,1 = iPhone 5S (GSM) (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 11.0.1 (locked to TracFone)

iPhone7,2 = iPhone 6 (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 8.3 (blacklisted + locked to T-Mobile)

iPhone8,1 = iPhone 6S (Space Gray) N71AP = 16GB, iOS 15.0.2 (unlocked)

iPhone9,1 = iPhone 7 (Global) (Midnight Star) = 256GB, iOS 14.2 (unlocked)

Watch2,4 = Apple Watch Series 2 (42mm) (Aluminum) = 8GB, watchOS 6.3

Watch5,4 = Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm) (Aluminum) = 32GB, watchOS 9.2b3

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There are two threads, one for Tech Quickie and another for everything else. If LMG decides they need more, they would either make a thread, or ask Mortis to create a sub. But Linus has stated two things which make me doubt they really want to add more. 1) He already has excel with hundreds of ideas listed and possibly ranked, 2) Most of the ideas coming from viewers are really, really bad.


^^^^ That's my post ^^^^
<-- This is me --- That's your scrollbar -->
vvvv Who's there? vvvv

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