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Oracle cloud private key to ppk?

I'm having issues converting a oracle generated private key to the putty ppk file format can someone help me?

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I had the same issue with that. it was a long time ago so i don't remember what I did exactly, but I think I used ssh through powershell instead of putty. with powershell I think you can say the location of the .key file and then ssh. 


I believe the command is:

ssh -i <path to .key file> <user name on the remote host>@<remote host>

so, if the key is stored in C:\keyFile.key, the username is user, host is, then make sure the directory of powershell is set to the folder where the key is and then:

ssh -i keyFile.key user@




I really dislike the way oracle handles the key stuff so I started using google cloud. so much easier as you can just click a button and it works. 

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