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worth upgrading for more resolution?

if gtx1070 can handle most 1080p 60HZ games, that will cost $200 gpu and$150 monitor, safely under $350 will do


and higher refresh rate 1080p are like $220+ , and you got to pair a rx5600xt grade or above, which sums up to $500+


and finally 1440p 144Hz monitors are like $400 alone, paired with $800 3080??


i am still on 1080p 60hz oc to 75hz, looking for a sweet spot to upgrade

any suggestions?

and thinking further, are we spending too much just for gaming?

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You're reasonably accurate with your 1070/5600xt estimates, though both are capable of 1440p 60+ with fairly reasonable settings (medium-high, title dependent)

I don't see a need for a 3080 for 1440p144hz as your baseline.

You can drop back two generations to a 1080/1080ti and still have very respectable performance at 1440p

My personal choice "sweet spot" is 1440p/120hz (8bit+FRC locks me to 120 on my AD27QD). In games where I can sacrifice FPS for visuals (story driven/single player games, largely), I do. In games where I prefer performance over visuals, I tailor to that (competitive shooters, largely).

You're the only one capable of answering your final question. If you're living beyond your means (or even on the edge), yeah, you're spending too much. If you have disposable income with which to spend on yourself, that's a decision you have to make; what is and is not too expensive.

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