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TheBannerVault website..

Idk if this is related in this category and I'm new to the forums so... Since this Summer I think Linus went on http://thebannervault.com the website never appeared on his pc. Linus wants to try and get the NCIX web page (I think) off that website stated on the WAN show back a few months ago (Summer). I will attach a picture. But the page never loads and causes a 404 error causing the server to close the connection on me. However Console on chrome tells me it's trying to load www.thebannervault.com


So I don't know if the server is still alive but the IP and the NGINX is still active just the page isn't appearing.NZL6KFM.png.8e4057be18155e7d95e520b090e76e99.pngTuxzRP8.thumb.png.128c282c4a045a206b527e56da9c1c04.png

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Sorry, but your thread doesn't make much sense. I think you are talking about WAN Show where they looked at old NCIX websites. But from there I can't really understand what you question or comment here is.

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