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Overclocking Help

ok i was wondering is Overclocking a GPU the same as overclocking a CPU which the only thing you really need to worry about is the temperature and that's about it? because i usually get Max while playing games a temp of 62 Degrees Celsius with my current overclock so i was like ok if it's like a CPU then can't i overclock it even more then cause the temperature is relatively fine also i'm using MSI AfterBurner.....what is the whole Confidence Percentage about in the OC Scanner? i was looking up on it to see what is a safe Confidence Percentage to play games on and a lot of people where saying anything above 60 should be fine but is that REALLY true because if it is i can get away with a pretty big Overclock since my current Confidence Percentage is 90 and my tempatures are always 62 Celsius on 90% load ANY THOUGHTS?

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