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Looking for the best student laptop for approx. 700 €

I am looking for a laptop for a student, does no gaming as far as I am concerned. Budget is approx 700€


Most important:

Good performance in typical student usage ie Excel, Word, browser

Good media consumption (nice screen)


I know its not a lot, but that's all the info ive been given.


Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Lenovo Thinkpad E14 Gen 2, or HP ProBook 445 G7.

Both with Ryzen 5 4500u, and either 256gb/8gb Configuration, or straight up to 512gb/16gb Ram, depending on the Prices. You can upgrade both of them easily.


By Far best build quality you can get for that Price,, because they are entry level Business Class Notebooks


Not the absolute best Screens you can find at that Price, but the Rest will be better. Screens are decend for the Price.

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