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  1. I have some hq .mkv movies - about 6gb/25mins. Audio is supposedly dolby atmos. When watching these movies audio completely randomly cuts out for like 1/3 sec. it is not regular and video is not affected. I watch it locally via HDMI cable on a LG OLED C8 tv. Any ideas?
  2. I am looking for a laptop for a student, does no gaming as far as I am concerned. Budget is approx 700€ Most important: Good performance in typical student usage ie Excel, Word, browser Good media consumption (nice screen) I know its not a lot, but that's all the info ive been given. Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for the best laptop for vector graphics and editing. It's for a person that creates logos and other web graphics. What are the best devices and configs for up to 2000$. Photoshop and lightroom are supposed to work as good as possible.
  4. its not the controller... Damn me i got no idea how to fix that
  5. the temps are spot on, nothing even passing 50 celcius. But I think i solved it. Its my xbox one controller. i swapped it out to a second one, issues stopped. When the PC lagged i noticed the controller just went on a vibration spree untill i took the batteries out, i think its simply fucked. Actually now that i think of it I had a similar issue with my other pc and The crew 2. Now im fairly sure its the controller
  6. Ryzen 5 1600AF MSI b450m pro-vdh max ssd crucial bx500 480gb msi gtx 1660 super ventus xs 6gb corsair vengeance ddr4 16gb 3000mhz cl16 silentiumPC supremo m2 gold 550w
  7. ill run a test and ill be right back
  8. Help. A pretty much brand new PC is handling gta V really weirdly. It's a ryzen 1600AF and gtx 1660 super with 16 gb of 3000mhz ram. While playing GTA V the performance has (and i cant stress this enough) HUUUUUUUGE performance drops. The game can be played for hours and nothing is wrong with it, but from times to times it just tanks the whole PC. when i try to go to task manager i cant even click the button after ctr alt del with my mouse, it just does a weird sound and nothing happens, i have to go there with tabulator, also, everything jus tslows down to basically
  9. i dont think ill be overclocking. its a small case, and a small cooler and i want the system to stay quiet.
  10. will it be worth to cough up 25$ more for 2600?
  11. I stand corrected. cpu.userbenchmark must be on acid.
  12. hows that better? 9100f outperforms 1600 in games by like 10-15% and is newer...
  13. i am concidering a regular ssd tbh, dont think shell ever need that kind of speed, and i could get more storage that way