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Lost control over GPU fans, help!

I started up Jedi Fallen order and all was well, but then suddenly one of the fans on my Asus GTX 1070 started revving up to full speed. I went into MSI Afterburner but I found out I no longer had control over the fan speeds. Also in HWmonitor it said that the fan was at 200-500rpm when it actually were at 1500rpm. 


I began with doing a clean sweep with DDU and fresh drivers, but as soon as i log in and the driver kicks in the fan revs up again. 

I then were clumsy enough to touch the fan so the blades broke, and i had to place an order for a replacement fan, then i disconnected the broken fan. It's this fan I'm referring to btw: https://imgur.com/a/BJFkug3

Now it runs on 2 fans, and i still have no control. And it's also this weird buzzing noise sometimes..


Games run just as it did before with no issues, thermals also seem to hold up fine with 2 fans..


I tried running a VBIOS update but it says that there is no need.

So now I'm sitting here with 2 fans that live their own life and a weird buzzing noise.


A small detail to mention is that i got a new monitor yesterday with 144Hz 1440p HDR, if that matters at all.


Help anyone? I'm planning on upgrading to a 3080 but that's not in stock for a long time it seems.

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