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Micro Stuttering With New SSD



I just bought a brand new 2tb SSD, after installing some games onto it I noticed I'm getting micro stuttering while playing games, it also doesn't matter which drive the game is on, (I have 4 SSDs installed).  It doesn't matter which game it is, there is some kind of stutter that is happening and I have no idea what to do to fix it.  I am also noticing slightly slower loading times on things.  If it helps the SSD I have is a Barracuda 120, and a GA-X99-UD4 Motherboard.


Note:  The 2tb is dynamic, but it still stuttered while Basic.


Edit:  I missed some info that might be helpful:  I moved about 1.5tb of data when I got the drive between all 4 drives.  Could it possibly be that I might have moved something that didn't want to be moved?


Update:  I unplugged the new SSD and the issue still occurs, I'm beginning to think it's a driver issue.



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