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Hi all

just finished my first sff build

got a gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI mini itx motherboard. and using 3x corsair fans, 2 for intake 1 for exhaust. I knew i didn't have fan headers so went and got a Phanteks Universal Fan Controller, PH-PWHUB_02 low profile. Put all 3 fans into that and then put it into the fan header on the motherboard. However I cant seem to control the speed of the fans. they are all very loud and running fast. I've loaded the SIV and easytune software but that doesn't seem to know what RPM they are running at. I don't want to use the included remote- I'd rather the MB knew what was installed even if it thinks 3 fans are 1.

any thoughts please



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Did you plug the fan controller in to a free USB header on your motherboard? I mean I assume that's how the phanteks controller works (like every other fan controller)


EDIT: Looks like you have to plug into a spare fan header on your motherboard, judging from the photo I'm looking at.

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See where it says Input? Instead of plugging in the manual 3 speed switch, you probably have to plug in that other cable:





Plug that cable into input, and the other end into a fan header on your motherboard would be my guess.

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did this already- one end of the phanteks fan controller goes to the psu with sata connection the other goes to a 4 pin fan header on the motherboard. and the 3 4 pin fans i have are all plugged into this unit. 

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