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  1. Does the stuttering still happen when you unplug the HDD with bad sectors?
  2. 600 watt bronze will not be enough for starters... And yes both power connectors on the GPU need to be plugged in to a power source. Preferably two separate cables, not one Y cable.
  3. A lot of the new motherboards from Asus and AsRock seem to read NTFS drives fine.
  4. @Mark Kainemy worst bug was the infamous chernobyl virus. And it is also where I learned that a format doesn't kill all virii. Also, shhhhh nothing to see here... just a Bad5ector, move along.
  5. That's not entirely true. Unless a diskpart was done and a full blow away of the partition happens, a simple format can leave behind a virus. The virus can create badsectors that the format marks as unusable and will not touch them during the format. Mind you I haven't see that kind of virus for around 20 years. But it's possible. Edit: though actually reading the thread it's obviously on the ops other drive. Or if they are doing the restore by clicking on "reset my pc" that won't help either. To OP, follow the directions to download the media creation tool and get a
  6. You removed the plastic from the AIO's block before installing on the CPU, right?
  7. What happens if you disconnect your SSD/HDD and just try to boot to BIOS without a boot device?
  8. Sounds like standard fare for the 7700k. Crappy TIM between the IHS and die is my bet.
  9. They had a subsidiary that is under their corporate umbrella that is only supposed to sell B-stock, or return type products, sell some of their 30xx series cards at double the MSRP during the height of the shortages. I don't think it was MSI intentionally doing it, more of a lonewolf who ran the shop, but still underhanded and they were caught. So they offered refunds on the difference that was charged. What the OP is showing us, looks to be just another Scalper, not affiliated with MSI. Just happens that they are selling an MSI card. The devil is in the details.
  10. If you have already verified that all power connectors are plugged where they should be (24pin and 12vCPU) and you are sure that there isn't any grounding issues (you used stand offs to mount that motherboard right?). If so, I would try PSU.
  11. Sorry, you mentioned that you weren't running DLSS and that would imply that it does.
  12. Have you guys stumbled upon this: https://www.mirazon.com/issues-with-smb-file-transfer-performance-over-vpn/#:~:text=If you did Google for,%2C they're all there.&text=Reduce the MTU size on,this to 1400 or 1350.
  13. Is your friend using DLSS? That might be where the boost in performance on his end is coming from.
  14. What happens if you take the motherboard out of your case and just have the CPU/1 Stick of RAM/ Video card installed? Does it still freeze in BIOS?
  15. I can't stand the taste of the energy drinks now. I used to do Jagerbombs like they were the cure for cancer back in my 20s. But as I got older (and more serious about lifting) I started to avoid those sugary nightmares. Yes Im aware there are sugar free options, but they all tasted like ass to me. Ive tried pre-workout and my god it reminded me of being on amphetamines... actually ruined my workout. So I just stick with coffee now. Nice cup of coffee 30 to 45 minutes before my lifts is all I need (plus the 3 other cups I usually consume throughout the day lol).
  16. Have you verified that the video card is actually still good?
  17. I hate when that happens. I know that feeling. I have been burned by bad PCI-E riser cable in the past, that's why I mentioned it. Best of luck with the other tests.
  18. Don't plug the monitor into the motherboards hdmi. Make sure you're only using your graphics card outputs. Also make sure your monitor is set to what ever input you're using (ie. HDMI or VGA or DVI, etc) Otherwise follow the advice above.