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I have put a few posts up now asking for opinions on displays for PS5 and have got some really helpful advice. Originally I was leaning towards a monitor, however I have re arranged my room and now have room for a wall mounted TV. I went into Curry's (an electronics store here in the UK) and seen a TV which I loved the look of which I will link below.


the reason I am posting on here is because the TV has HDMI 2.1 and a 120hz display however, according to a video online, Dolby Vision can't be used when running the TV at 4k 120hz due to a limit with the hdmi 2.1 bandwidth or something like that. Can anyone confirm this? Also is it worth getting the TV if I can't use the Dolby Vision on the highest setting?


I want this TV to last me a long time hence why I like the idea of HDMI 2.1 even if it can't be fully utilized right now (because I doubt ps5 will hit anywhere near 4k 120fps).





Thanks in advance

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